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Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates are a wonderful way to give to a person who will benefit from a massage. Multiple gifts are sold at a discount. Contact me for the current prices.

Why would you give a gift certificate to someone?

1. Religious Holidays / Church Events.

2. Birthday, graduation, donation.

3. Someone suffering from ADD, ADHD, or autism.

4. Prenatal / Birth of a baby.

5. A gift to a bride or groom/Maid of Honor/Best Man

6. Someone is suffering from depression/anxiety

7. Promotion/New Job.

8. Mother's Day or Father's Day.

9. A loved one in a hospice.

10.Grief due to a loss or divorce

11.Because you love them.

12.A secret admirer.

13. Someone had a rough or fantastic week.

14. Someone cannot afford a massage.

15. Someone dealing with anger management.

16. Gift for a bride or groom.

17. Valentines Day.

18. Add to a gift of flowers.

19. Your idea


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